Sustainability / Environment

Milton Precast is a major supplier to the construction industry and is committed to the protection of the environment, both locally and globally.
It recognises the importance of incorporating sustainability considerations into everyday business decisions, and the contribution it can make
to sustainable development.

Milton Precast are committed to:

  • Preventing and reducing environmental impact
  • To comply with relevant legal requirements
  • To continuously improve on our sustainability performance

To allow us to meet our objectives, we have split the policy into four key areas:

  • Community investment
  • Environmental impact
  • Safety
  • Supply chain management
  • Community investment

Community investment

Milton Precast will engage positively with the local community, being active and supportive on matters of mutual interest. We will support local businesses directly, through the use of their goods and services and support charitable organisations.

Environmental impact

Milton Precast will endeavour to control environmental impact and risks by meeting the requirements of environmental legislation and commit to a process of continual environmental improvement and operate with the constraints of a recognised environmental management system based on ISO 14001.


Health and Safety is at the heart of all of the Milton Precast operation, with a culture of health and safety performance being maintained and grown, encouraging all persons to strive for continual improvements and providing training for all employees. Milton Precast will maintain management systems to effectively control risks to health and safety.

Supply chain management

Encourage suppliers, contractors and other parties with which it has dealings to adopt an environmentally responsible attitude.

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