Nottingham Tramways

Nottingham Tramways

When Milton Precast started the Nottingham Tramways project in December 2012, they were aware that the project would include 17.5km of new track and 28 new tram stops so wasn’t going to be a small order. Initially four different sizes of box culverts were to be manufactured: MC18.12 (102no), MC24.12 (169no), MC24.15 (224no) and MC36.15 (59no) all with dished invert internal profiles and many special units required throughout the runs.

Construction work was being undertaken by Taylor Woodrow and Alstom, in a joint venture on behalf of Tramlink Nottingham and due to the customer requirements the box culverts were made using timber extensions covered with 6mm steel plates to take the rigours of double casting four units per day.

Once completed, the tram network will consist of 51 tram stops, with the two new lines linking directly to Line One at Nottingham Station. The expanded tram network will visit 7 park and ride sites, providing service to approximately 23 million passengers a year.

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