Milton Precast manufacture precast concrete modular catchpits with an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe set at a level above the floor of the well, allowing for any sediment that is carried through the system to settle in the catchpit, from where it can be pumped out or removed.

A catchpit would historically be built on site which would take time and effort to make, so why not let Milton Precast take the strain out of making them with design options including:

  • 1050mm to 3000mm standard tongue and grove complete with a cast-in reinforced base
  • 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm sealed manhole joint complete with cast-in reinforced base
  • Pipe inlet/outlet diameters covered by system 100mm to 1800mm

Features of the Milton catchpit and silt trap

  • Lower cost benefits with reductions in construction time and skilled labour requirements
  • Available in a range of diameters
  • Sump depths to suit design requirements
  • Accommodates clay, concrete, ductile iron, twinwall and uPVC
  • Increased Health and Safety benefits as it reduces on-site construction
  • Reduces wet trades for manhole construction
  • Product is made and tested under factory conditions
  • Eliminates material wastage associated with current practice, including extra transport
  • Chamber bases are Kitemarked
  • 1050mm unit weighs less than one tonne
  • Bespoke design to suit customer requirements
  • Standard tongue and groove joints
  • None or minimal on-site fabrication required
  • Provides a solution that offers increase confidence in ability to meet industry standards
  • Reduced maintenance and long-term running costs

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